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Carpet Repair and Restretching Melbourne

If you are looking for an eminence Carpet Repair Melbourne and Carpet Restretching Melbourne that will heighten your home and lifestyle, you have come to the right place. Japs Office Cleaning Melbourne is a leader in Carpet Repair Melbourne and Carpet Restretching Melbourne.

From time to time, the incident happens to carpets that require precise removal of the affected area to put in its same place. Carpet damage caused by rips and tears, pet damage, damaged seams, bleach marks, stubborn stains. We specialize in repairs and are able to make those unsightly areas disappear in Melbourne. Also, if your carpet has developed lines, bumps, waves or bubbles, we provide carpet re-stretching service and carpet repairs in Melbourne. We can restretch or repair carpet as flat as the day it was placed. Ripples or wrinkles can come for a number of reasons from poor laying methods to variable differences. Carpet should be restretched so that the life of your carpet is protracted.

Carpet re-stretching, as it is also referred to, restores the fresh and neat look to your space and requires little spending in Melbourne. The extra carpet is then trimmed off and the edges secured to the wall sides for Melbourne houses.

For carpet repair or restretch, we never use detergents or harsh chemicals so it is safe and non-toxic for your family & pets also, washing the carpet can be considered as slow poison for your carpet. As, washing the carpet gives bubbles, wrinkles or waves to your carpet so, never try to wash your carpet. Unlike other 'carpet repair services,' we use latest stretching tools and skilled methods that can save you the excessive cost of carpet replacement and revitalize the presence of your flooring.

Japs Carpet & Cleaning Servicesare always happy to offer you free, no obligation advice.

At Japs Carpet & Cleaning Services, we think an elegant home starts with a beautiful and clean carpet. And your refreshed carpet is just a phone call away. So, call us on 0430 500 302 or send a mail on info@japscleaningservices.com.au

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Repair and Restretching Process:

  • Dry soil vacuuming
  • First of all, dry, loose soil particles are detached from your carpet

  • Steaming
  • Hot steaming is applied to any greasy, oily stains

  • Wrinkle removing
  • For removing the wrinkles, we reinstall it after restretching

  • Moist
  • With a 10 - 15 minute dwell time. Your carpet is lightly moist to loosen embedded dust.

  • Seaming
  • Seaming, layout and hauling are the best methods to restretching carpets

  • Hot water extraction
  • "Steam Clean" Your carpet is cleaned with hot water and soils are extracted with a single wave of a rod.

  • Fiber Grooming
  • Your carpet is lastly groomed to allow the fibers to stand up and less drying time.

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