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The time is strenuous for each and everyone around the globe. We all are fighting a battle that we had never thought about. Most of the companies prefer ‘work from home’ to maintain a safe distance and to save the business. On the flip end, there are many companies that have started working from the office. For them, professional Commercial Cleaners Melbourne is a must to consider the matter.

Isn’t so?

During this tough pandemic time, Japs Cleaning Services has come forward to help businesses to settle down safety with detailed Commercial cleaning services.

Any of you around Melbourne, or any nearby places can contact us for thorough office cleaning, which starts from every blinds, door, to doorknobs, switches, desk, and even your systems.

Office cleaning Melbourne

We have gained proficiency in completing the office cleaning work with full-on dedication.

To complete the work, we make sure to use toxin-free products so that no one gets infected after cleaning.

In this guide, we are going to share a short but descriptive guide on how you can clean your office blinds at own.

So, ready, steady, go…

Whether you believe it or not, but our office blinds are one of the most overlooked corners. We usually don’t prefer to look into the dirt stuck on the blind. Viruses or bacteria from the blind can pop out any time and they can affect your life and office environment.

Without wasting much time, let’s just on

How to keep Office Blinds Clean for a Longer Period

Tips to Clean Roller Blinds

The products that you use to clean the roller blinds will depend highly on the material they are made up of. You need to make sure to check the label before you start scrubbing it with random materials. Complete the cleaning by simply unrolling the blind, splitting the surface, and then wiping them down using a clean cloth. You just need to continue the procedure on the reverse blind. Clean it deeply by removing the blind from the wall and then pop it into a water bucket with a mild detergent.

Choose to Clean Venetian Blinds

You can be easily clean these blinds if they are horizontally designed. Make use of the feature to complete the dusting process on a regular basis. In case if the blind become stained or sticky, you need a deep cleaning procedure.

Tricks to Clean the Blind

Start with casual research on which cleaning products are suitable for vertical fabric blinds. If you need to clean the blind immediately, you need to do the same using a vacuum cleaner or soft brush. For vertical blind cleaning, you can dust them down and treat any stain with a preferable stain remover, and then start unhooking them. This will surely work for you.

We hope these tricks of cleaning office roller blinds will work. For experts’ assistance to handle the entire Office Cleaning Melbourne, you can contact us at Japs Cleaning. We are here to help you with all the office cleaning work.

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