How to Figure Out the Dirtiest Areas in the Office?

Office Cleaning Melbourne

After the pandemic situation has been announced, everyone has started taking extra care, whether they are at home, at the grocery store, in the market, or even in their office. Every office owner and office goer should consider Office cleaning Melbourne as a daily routine.

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Office cleaning Melbourne

There are a few areas in our office premises that could be a reason to spread infections without our knowledge. Also, we don’t even bother to wash our hands after tapping on the switchboard or pulling the door, do we?

Nope. Most of us would not prefer to wash hands properly after touching any surface but it’s a necessity these days.

We never know where the bacteria reside and through which source they start spreading in between the crowd. Hence, it is necessary to seek regular and professional office cleaning services.

Look into a few dirtiest places in the office,


No doubt, you are working on the desk day and night, then how could it be a reason for dangerous viruses. But, honestly, your desk is also a place for bacteria to stay for a longer period just like toilet seats. As you remain in contact with the desk for a longer time, it’s necessary to ensure proper cleaning before you start your work every day. Usually, it is necessary to make these areas a priority for cleaning. Also, if you take your meal on the desk, it becomes so much important to ensure that it is properly clean for daily use. Ensuring these things after the lockdown phase when you re-join the office becomes so much important.

Door knobs and lift switches

You never know who has used the lift last or who has turned on and off the switches of lights and fans. You even don’t know whether everyone that comes into the office follows proper hygiene methods or not. Many people have used the doorknob of the bathroom, toilet, pantry, or cabin. Whenever people touch the lift buttons, they start spreading germs everywhere. Now, you can imagine how speedily illness spread around you. Hence, these areas are the most sensitive areas that you should be careful about.

The most important area is the toilet

Your office has limited washrooms which can be a big reason to spread illness. Toilets are a high-traffic area in the office where gums start spreading easily. The spread of viruses becomes so powerful that it can generate a global problem of e-coli. This is the reason, every company should pay focus on the cleanliness of bathrooms and toilets. You can’t believe but toilet seats have lots of bacteria which can easily transmit from one person to another.

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